Healing Programs

NLP Practitioner Certification Program

NLP Certification in Austin. Join us for a seven-day immersion training program to become a certfied NLP provider. Dr. Cecilia Cervantes is now combining her medical experience with her NLP training to teach others how to help people heal through the mind-body connection.

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The High Performance Mind Program

You become more present and aware which brings peace, happiness and contentment. Your perceptual abilities increase and an inner calmness prevails. Insights which were once subconscious now come to the surface more easily. There is an insight in creativity and problem solving. This leads to the development of mastery.

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming  Coaching

Coaching is the first step to realizing that you can accomplish so much more out of your life. People with problems don’t hire coaches people that seek growth in all areas of their life, and want more are the type of people that hire coaches.

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Awakening Your Mind

Everything you want and need. The inner peace and unity attained in Awakened Mind meditation provides access to the clarity, creativity, insight and intuition flowing in the deepest levels of your mind. In these depths you will find profoundly helpful solutions to questions, issues and challenges that help you master your mind and life.

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Cecilia Cervantes, M.D. will not answer any medical questions by email or phone. Please contact us to set up an appointment to discuss which of our beneficial health programs will work best for you. 
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