The High Performance Mind Program

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The High Performance Mind Program

A high performance mind is an awakened mind. It is a state of higher awareness.  Max Cade who developed this program wrote that one becomes “more and more vividly aware of everyday reality.” You awaken to your power and potential for personal self discovery and inner transformation.  Becoming more conscious means becoming more whole, more complete. You come to know what you really want in life.

You become more present and aware which brings peace, happiness and contentment. Your perceptual abilities increase and an inner calmness prevails.  Insights which were once subconscious now come to the surface more easily. There is an insight in creativity and problem solving.  This leads to the development of mastery.

The meditations used in this brainwave series are designed to assist with the development of your own consciousness, creativity, and personal transformation.  It is an evolutionary process that will change the trajectory of your life in many ways.  You will gain greater insight, intuition, clarity and spiritual awareness.  The protocol was developed by Anna Wise and is designed as a brainwave training and mastery program. 

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