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What is NLP? Neuro-linguistic Programming is the process of changing your thoughts and behaviors to help you heal yourself from the inside out. NLP operates through the conscious use of language to bring about changes. It is a proven method of personal development.

What is Functional Medicine? It is a biology-based approach focusing on identifying and addressing the root cause of a disease. This is a patient-centered, individualized, scientific based approach to identify and treat the root cause of a medical problem. It seeks to ask the question “why are you sick” vs using medication to treat only the symptoms.

Does Hypnosis Help Treat Medical Problems? Hypnosis can help treat many health conditions including anxiety, phobias, PTSD, stress, chronic pain and more. It has been effective in changing attitudes, perceptions and behaviors that are not healthy.

How Can Herbalism Help You? Using plant for healing has been in practice for centuries. It is making use of plants whose traditional uses are backed by modern scientific research and clinical results. This is an approach using natural, plant-based products to help you heal naturally, without the use of pharmaceuticals.

What is Time Line Therapy® and Can It Help Me? In short, Time Line Therapy is learning the difference between a memory from the past and a projection of the future. I received my training through Tad James and have seen wonderful results in my patients using these techniques. By working at an unconscious level, many patients experience a change in minutes vs days, months or years.

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