What is Hypnosis?

Most people are mystified when they hear about hypnosis.  They may promptly claim that “they can’t be hypnotized”.

What people don’t understand is that Hypnosis is actually a natural state similar to other states.  It is a state of deep relaxation, a trance-like state.  It is the same as the state of meditation.  It is, in fact, a state of heightened awareness, with intense focus.  

We go into trance when we drive a car and suddenly realize we don’t know how we arrived at our destination.  Does that sound familiar?  When watching television we very easily go into trance, spacing out.   This is perfect for the media because when we are in this state we are highly suggestible.    That is why you may suddenly have a hankering for a portion of food that just appeared in a commercial.  You can start to see how this works.  You can be easily influenced when you are in this state but you will not go against your values.   

People typically have themselves hypnotized in order to change behaviors.  What they must understand is that their behavior will not change unless they are in alignment with the change.  An embedded command will only work if you want it to.  

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