Seven Dimensions of Health

Dig Deep: Which dimensions of health do you need to balance out?

We need to discover your personal values, and establish a balance in all dimensions of your health.

Dimensions of health* (Focus on health by: Hahn, B. Dale, Payne, A. Wayne, & Lucas, B. Ellen 2013.)

  • Physical - Your health and fitness. Physical characteristics are our bodyweight, visual ability, strength, coordination, level of endurance, level of susceptibility to disease, and powers of recuperation (Hahn, Payne, & Lucas 2013.)
  • Emotional - the emotional dimension of health encompasses our ability to see the world in a realistic manner, cope with stress, remain flexible, and compromise to resolve conflict (Hahn, Payne, & Lucas 2013.)
  • Social - Your family, friends, and relationships. The social dimension encompasses social skills and cultural sensitivity. Today one out of every four Americans adults has no one to confide in (Hahn, Payne, & Lucas 2013.)
  • Intellectual - Your personal growth. The abilities to process and at on information, clarify values and beliefs, and exercise decision-making capacity. The ability to analyze, synthesize, hypothesize, and then act on new information (Hahn, Payne, & Lucas 2013.)
  • Spiritual - Religious beliefs and practices, relationships with other living things, the nature of human behavior, and the need and willingness to serve others (Hahn, Payne, & Lucas 2013.)
  • Occupational - Your career and finances. A testing ground for and source of life-enhancing skills. In our place of employment, we gain not only the financial resources we need, but also an array of useful skills such as conflict resolution, experiences in shared responsibilities, and intellectual growth that can be used to facilitate a wide range of non-employment interactions (Haahn, Payne, & Lucas 2013.)
  • Environmental - personal environmental characteristics: land, air, and water. It is argued that environmental dimension could consider all material and metaphysical surroundings as well (Hahn, Payne, & Lucas 2013.)

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